Hamacon 10

What’s a convention without a good old-fashion cosplay contest?  At Hamacon we couldn’t have it any other way! Our Cosplay Contest will be held Saturday, July 20th, and we can’t wait to see what everybody has prepared for us! Winners will be announced at the end of the cosplay contest.

Good Luck to you all!

Cosplay Categories:
  • Doll: Ages 15 and Under. This Category is open to Cosplayers who did NOT make their cosplays. The winner of this category will be entry that looks the MOST like their character. (Outfit, Hair, Makeup, ect)
  • Novice: This category is open to all cosplayers who have not won any major award at any contest. Beginner cosplayers are recommended to enter here. If you have won Novice previously, you are now considered a Journeyman and should enter in the Journeyman category.
  • Journeyman: This category is open to all cosplayers, although cosplayers with more experience in sewing are preferred. If you have won Novice at a previous convention, this category is meant for you.
  • Master: This category is open to cosplayers. If you have won 3 or more major awards or have been bumped up by the judges from Journeyman, this is also meant for you. Masters are required to bring a portfolio of your cosplay. These will be given back at end of contest. 
  • Exibitionist:  This category is for those who didn’t make their costume, but want to walk on stage and show it off.  The only category you will be eligible for is Fan Favorite. This is where the crowd picks their favorite cosplayer!
  • Skits:  Skits are not allowed due to time restraint.
Sign Up For Judging

Sign Up Judging: 10:00am to 12:55pm

Walk In Judging: 1:00pm to 2:55pm

This year you will be able to sign up for judging slots. You can sign up by emailing with your desired time slot. The Cosplay Director will email you back to let you know that your time slots have been approved.

You can choose between 10-10:30am, 10:30-11am, 11-11:30am, 11:30-12:00pm, 12-12:30pm, 12:30-12:55pm. There are 4-5 slots available per each of these time slots. Once the slots are filled, only walk-ins will be welcome at the end of sign up time starting at 1:00pm. We will only allow 50 entries for the cosplay contest. Please be sure to either sign up or show up early enough to start walk-in judging at 1pm.

Cosplay Contest Rules

You will only be given 5 mins each for judging (10 mins for groups of 4 or more). Please make sure you come in and are ready to tell us all how you made your costume.

1.  All Costume Contest participants must be registered convention attendees.

2.  No Skits Allowed

3.  All costumes must be in compliance with Hamacon’s Dress Code.

4.  Excessively large costumes are strongly discouraged, although you will be allowed to bring one handler if it is absolutely necessary. However, if a costume or prop cannot easily fit through a normal doorway, it will not be allowed for competition due to safety for other convention attendees.

5.  Each participant will be showing his or her costume on stage at the Costume Contest in a “catwalk” style. Each contestant must be present in full costume for pre-judging, which will take place before the event. Failure to show will result in disqualification. (see below for judging specifics)

6.  All entrants are asked to bring a folder containing the following:

  • A legibly completed costume contest entry form. If you are a group, all members must be listed. Illegible forms will be disqualified. The Costume Contest entry form can be found here.
  • A color reference picture at least 5” x 7” in size. Hand drawn images are not allowed unless it is an original character. If it is a group entry, reference pictures for all members are required.
  • Contestants age 12 and under must have parent/guardian present during prejudging. 

7.  All contestants are required to create 70% of their own costume in order to compete. Store bought and commissioned costumes are not eligible for a prize. Any purchased or commissioned costume may only be entered as an exhibition costume. (Check Epic Doll category for exceptions) Store bought accessories are allowed, but will not be judged.

8.  An entrant may enter a model into the competition wearing their costume/prop; however, the entrant must physically accompany the model to pre-judging. Just make sure to state that the person wearing the costume is a model, and not the creator, on the entry
form. You may only have one entry per contest.

9.  Judges may/will closely inspect the inner and outer costume construction of each entrant. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please let them know.

10.  A costume that has won a MAJOR award (i.e. craftsmanship, best in show, best group, and best master) in another competition may not be entered in the Costume Contest and may only be worn as an exhibition costume. If you won novice and would like to compete in the same costume as journeyman, that will be allowed. If there is space available, exhibition costumes may be presented during the costume contest, and will only be eligible to win a fan favorite award. No other awards are eligible for exhibitionist.

11.  All weapons must be in compliance with the Hamacon Weapons policy (see Convention Rules & Weapons Policy.)

Hamacon staff has the unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of costume contest entrants. This may be posted the convention website/social networking site for editorial, trade, advertising, and any other purpose or medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same.