Hey Hama! It is that time of year again. Time to wish for the sunny weather of summer and start on your Hamacon cosplay costumes! It is also time to consider staffing with Hamacon. If you are interested, Hamacon is looking for Maids and Butlers to help serve at our cafe!


-Must be 18+ or have parental AND cafe director approval.
-Must have a positive, friendly and open attitude. This is a social event and people skills are a must.
-Must be able to purchase or make your cafe uniform. ( Examples – Maids: Black and white maid dress/Butlers: Black pants, white button up shirt, black vest)
-Experience in food service is a plus, but not a must.
-Must attend the required staff meetings for Hamacon and must be able to make one additional staff meeting for the Maid Cafe staff only, this meeting will be held following a general staff meeting.
-Must be able to work that Saturday of the con, June 7st. (This is mandatory, as it is the event day!)

Staff Application: (email to maidcafe@hama-con.com)

– Name :
– Email :
– Phone Number :
– Are you over 18 (yes/no):
– Are you able to get purchase/make your uniform?
– Have you been in a maid cafe before? if yes, when & where?

In general, this event only takes a couple of hours. This will earn a Saturday pass for the Con. If you want a full weekend pass, you need to work additional hours either helping another department or staffing the charity raffle table. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Crystal at Maidcafe@hama-con.com.

HAMA5 is looking for Maids & Butlers to help serve at our cafe!

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