Good evening everyone!

Firstly, we would  like to thank everyone who came and saw Wolf Children last night. It was really a beautiful movie, and we were proud and honored that everyone came together to pitch in and see the movie.

Now that Wolf Children is done, we are opening up panel submissions for HAMACON5!! If you’ve never submitted a panel before, maybe this year is the year to give it a try? We are looking for interesting topics or interactive fun that is related to anime and/or japanese culture. Anyone who knows me, knows my motto: SUBMIT IT. Don’t know if you can pull a panel together? SUBMIT IT. Can’t think of an interesting blurb? SUBMIT IT. Can’t figure out a–SUBMIT IT. JUST SUBMIT IT. We will sort through and help you figure out the best way to make your panel special, or let you know if it’s just not what we’re looking for.

Thanks in advance for all the ideas we get! GO HAMACON!!


HAMA5 Panel Submissions are OPEN!

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