Hamacon is always on the look out for the coolest, most spaciest, most DANDIEST of guests we can find. As it turns out, we found someone that fit all three categories. The voice of Space Dandy, himself: Ian Sinclair!

But as we soon discovered, he’s not just a dandy sort of guy. On the open seas of the Grand Line, he’s the lyrical nuthin’ but bones Brook from One Piece. In the rough and tumble lands of the Gourmet World,  he’s only the most charismatic  of the Four Heavenly Kings, Toriko. While in the Phantomhive household, he cooks up only the most fiery dishes as Bardroy rom Black Butler. And sometimes you just want to go chill where no one can find you, like Dallas in Baccano. That’s just the tip of the awesome iceberg that is Ian Sinclair.

If you want to read more about Ian Sinclair, or any of our other guests for HAMA5, feel free to check out our Guests Page! Then after that, you want to prereg? We can help you with that! What, you also need a hotel room? We can help you with that as well! As always, we are very helpful.

Voice Over Artist Guest for HAMA5: Ian Sinclair!

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