Get ready for awesome, because Jad is going to bring it!
Get ready for awesome, because Jad is going to bring it!

Earlier this year, Hamacon had the great pleasure to host the Huntsville theatrical premiere of Mamoru Hosoda’s Wolf Children. It’s a heartfelt tale that’s all tied together by the older sister Yuki, portrayed by Jad Saxton. And that’s why we couldn’t be happier having Jad Saxton as a guest for HAMA5!

Jad Saxton has been acting and singing for the anime industry for 7 years, and has voiced over 50 titles for Funimation Entertainment. She landed her first major role as Masako Hara in “Ghost Hunt,” and then went on to voice Eve Genoard in “Baccano!,” Perrine-H. Clostermann in seasons 1 and 2 of “Strike Witches,” and Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré in “Soul Eater.” She has also rocked it in “Michiko & Hatchin” as Hatchin, “Eureka Seven AO” as Elena Peoples, and many others.

If you want to read more about Jad Saxton, or any of our other guests for HAMA5, feel free to check out our Guests Page! If our guests aren’t enough, worry not! We have a great venue at the Von Braun Center South Hall, that will be filled with wondrous dealers and artists, along with an avalanche of great panels and events, with room to spare. So after hearing all that, why wouldn’t you want to prereg? We can help you with that! What, you also need a hotel room? We can help you with that as well! As always, we are very helpful.

We cannot wait to see both Jad Saxton, and all of YOU, at Hamacon 5!

Let’s clear the next stage!

Voice Over Artist Guest for HAMA5: Jad Saxton!

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