Hamacon Public Safety Policy

All attendees must be registered attendees of Hamacon. Illegally gaining entry without properly purchasing a registration badge will result in immediate expulsion from Hamacon. Everyone must clearly wear/display their Hamacon badges on the upper torso of their bodies (ie: neck, shoulder, chest area).

All attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and are subject to the laws and ordinances set forth by Federal, State, Madison County and Huntsville governments. You will be held accountable for your actions.

It helps when everyone is on the same page.
It helps when everyone is on the same page.

Please walk while you are indoors; running is not permitted in the venue. Always ask permission before “glomping”. Please take care not to hurt anyone or damage their costumes when doing so.

Horseplay is not allowed. This includes random battles, mock fights, and play fighting. No fighting is allowed. Violence will not be tolerated. Violators will be dealt with immediately.

Service Animals

Trained service animals are welcome in most locations throughout the Von Braun Convention Center and Embassy Suites Hotel. Guests who use service animals must retain control of their animals at all times and must keep them on a leash or harness while visiting. Service animals are welcome to use any open outdoor area for relief as long as the owner picks up after the animal and leaves the area clean. Pets and non-service animals are not permitted inside the VBC or Embassy Suites Hotel event space unless specific written permission is provided by each venue.

Other attendees should refrain from harassing or petting service animals at any time for any reason.

Also, there is a zero-tolerance policy for stalking and sexual harassment. This applies to guests, Hamacon staff, hotel staff and convention attendees. Attendees will be held responsible for any damages they incurred to the hotel and/or Hamacon property. In the instances involving minors, they and their parents(s) or legal guardian will be held responsible. Any criminal damages and/or activity will be met with criminal charges. Such behavior may result in immediate expulsion and possibly being permanently banned from the convention.

Hamacon is a family friendly convention; however, not all of our events are geared towards very young children.  Some of the animated titles shown in the video room may be considered too violent and/or contain mature content. All panels and other convention events with content deemed for audiences ages 16+ will have an identification check to gain entry to these types of events. Also these offerings will be identified on the schedule page and kept to evening hours. Some vendors in the dealer’s room may also be selling adult titles. Vendors are bound by contract not to sell adult materials to minors.

Public intoxication is illegal and frowned upon. Furthermore, hosting under aged drinking parties and providing alcohol to minors under the age of 21 is prohibited and illegal in Alabama. In the event the aforementioned occurs, Huntsville Police Department will be called to deal with such complaints. Sleeping in the lobby, halls, and convention area is not permitted. Otherwise, attendees are asked to return home to sleep. If parents are not staying in our host hotel, please do not leave your children without someone legally responsible for them.

Youth Escort Policy

Parents are legally responsible for the conduct of their children. If an attendee is under the age of 16, we recommend that he or she attends with a chaperone. If your child is under the age of 12, we ask that the parent(s)/ legal guardian supervise their child during all convention activities. Parent passes are available for a $5 fee. Limit one parent pass per child attendee who is under the age of 16. Parent passes are available for purchase at registration only. While we are happy to have minors attend, we would like to stress we are NOT a babysitting service. We also require a way to contact parents in case of an emergency.

Do not sell any merchandise in the hotel rooms, hallways, outside the hotel or convention center under any circumstances. Pre-paid vendor tables at artist alley and the dealer’s room are the only places this is permitted. If you wish to sell any form of merchandise, please look into purchasing one of these tables. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the conchair at conchair@hama-con.com. Carrying or displaying signs and distribution of any form of literature without written permission of Hamacon organizers is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to “Hug me, Glomp Me” signs. Photography in the hallways is prohibited. We understand that many people will want to take photographs of attendees; however, this leads to blocked paths and causes congestion in the hallways. Please be courteous and ask permission before photographing cosplayers.

Public Dress Code

  • Public nudity is illegal in Alabama. This is a family friendly convention; please keep it tasteful and respectful. Clothing must be worn at all times. Children will be present at Hamacon and if anybody on Hamacon staff feels you are revealing too much, you will be asked to cover up.
  • Guys are required to wear shirts at all time. If cosplaying a shirtless character then a jacket is required while walking around. You can remove jacket for pictures only. You must put back on the jacket once done with pictures. Speedos are NOT allowed. Pelvic areas must be covered. Underwear that can be visibly seen must be covered up.
  • Girls must cover up all lower and sides of busts. Girls cannot walk around in their bras. The least amount that one can wear is full coverage bikini tops and shorts. No butt cheeks showing. Pelvic areas must be covered. Underwear that can be visibly seen must be covered up. If wearing a cosplay swimsuit, you can take off the shorts for photo-shoots only. If taking pictures in halls, please keep shorts on. You may not use hosiery to substitute for shorts.
  • Outfits where any private parts can be easily outlined and noticed will be asked to cover up.
  • Costumes bearing close resemblance to local law enforcement or other emergency responder uniforms are not permitted. Hamacon staff reserves the right to determine whether or not the costume is too similar to the aforementioned.
  • Real weapons are NOT allowed. (Even if they don’t work anymore)
  • Real Animals are not props. Please do not bring in any animal as a prop.
  • All attendees must wear shoes at all times. You can remove for pictures only.
  • If a costume or prop cannot easily fit through a normal doorway, it will not be allowed for due to public safety of other convention attendees.

The following will not be allowed due to safety:

  • Roller Blades/in-line skates/Skateboards/Wheelies
  • Stilts
  • Loose chains
  • Spiked collars & cuffs
  • Leashes

Please do not wear your masks when you leave the convention premises. You will be doing so at your own risk.

Hamacon has the right to ask you to leave the convention center if you choose not to follow Hamacon’s Rules and Policies.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at cosplay@hama-con.com.

No Live Steel or Working Weapons

Under no circumstances will live steel or “working weapons” be allowed.

You don't need live steel to look cool.
You don’t need live steel to look cool.

This includes firearms and ammunition of any and all sorts, rifles, shotguns, hand guns, BB guns, pellet guns, cap guns, air-soft weapons, paintball guns, blow guns, water guns, bubble, canned confetti, silly string, tasers, explosives, knives, swords, daggers, sword canes, switchblades, bali-song (butterfly) knives, axes, hatchets, pole arms, staffs, clubs, metal bats, bows that are strung, arrows, martial arts weapons, brass knuckles, chains, whips, pepper spray, mace, and any projectile item, toy or real, whether or not such working weapon is loaded broken, or then currently in firing or usable condition. Also, items that are illegal to or carry by the state of Alabama will result in immediate removal from the premises. No prop may exceed 6 feet in length. Attendees with non-compliant props and/or weapons will be asked to leave and store the item in their room or vehicle.

Any weapons that are purchased in the dealer’s room at Hamacon must be taken directly to either your room or your vehicle and cannot be opened until you have left the premises. If found otherwise, your item will either be confiscated or you will be asked to leave and not return to the convention.

Laser pointers, laser aiming devices, or similar devices may not be used in public. And if at any time during, before, or after Hamacon the staff feels the safety and security of any of the con-goers could be in jeopardy due to ones actions, Con Safety has full permission to escort individuals in question off the property without any questions. Repeat offenses may result in the immediate expulsion and possibly being permanently banned from the convention. If you have any question, please contact the conchair at conchair@hama-con.com.

In case of an emergency, contact convention or hotel security or call 911.