Hamacon is a family friendly convention; however, not all of our events are geared towards very young children.  Some of the animated titles shown in the video room may be considered too violent and/or contain mature content. All panels and other convention events with content deemed for audiences ages 16+ will have an identification check to gain entry to these types of events. Also these offerings will be identified on the schedule page and kept to evening hours. Some vendors in the dealer’s room may also be selling adult titles. Vendors are bound by contract not to sell adult materials to minors.

Everyone that attends Hamacon needs to fill out and turn in a Registration Form, including parents. Print it out ahead of time to save yourself some time at registration. But don’t worry! There will be forms available at the con if you forget yours. Parents of children age 18 or under will need to sign each child’s form.

Youth Escort Policy

Parents are legally responsible for the conduct of their children. If an attendee is under the age of 16, we recommend that he or she attends with a chaperone. If your child is under the age of 12, we ask that the parent(s)/ legal guardian supervise their child during all convention activities. Parent passes are available for a $5 fee. Limit one parent pass per child attendee who is under the age of 16. Parent passes are available for purchase at registration only. While we are happy to have minors attend, we would like to stress we are NOT a babysitting service. We also require a way to contact parents in case of an emergency.

Hamacon enforces a “family-friendly” dress code.  If we find a person’s cosplay is too revealing or inappropriate within our rules, we will request that the person change or cover up. Please refer to the convention dress code on our information page for further details.

For information about parking, registration, etc, please check our information page.  If you have any questions please email