What is Hamacon?

Hamacon stands for “Huntsville & Madison Anime Convention” aka we’re the Rocket City’s anime con! We run two major events a year, a three day full fledged con in June, and a one day con in November. Either way, we treat you with tons of amazing events and panels, a big ol’ gaming area for both video games as well as the tabletop variety, a Dealer’s Room, an Artist Alley, Cosplay, and more! Not to mention, we try and sprinkle as many smaller events we can throughout the year as well.

When is Hamacon in 2017?

Hamacon 8 (wow, we are in our eighth year!) is going on from June 23rd, to the 25th, 2017. The Hamacon Minicon 2017 will be in November of 2017.

What are Hours of Operation for Hamacon 8?

Friday (June 25, 2017)!
Registration: 11:00AM-9:00PM
Convention Opens: Noon Convention Closes: Midnight
Dealer’s Room Hours: 1:00PM-8:00PM
Artist Alley Hours: Noon-7:00PM

Saturday (June 26, 2017)!
Registration: 10:00AM-9:00PM
Convention Opens: 10:00AM Convention Closes: 1:00AM
Dealer’s Room Hours: 11:00AM-7:00PM
Artist Alley Hours: 10:00AM-7:00PM0
Maid and Butler Café (Separate ticket required): 11:00AM

Sunday (June 27, 2017)!
Registration: 10:00AM-3:00PM
Convention Opens: 10:00AM Convention Closes: 5:00PM
Dealer’s Room Hours: 11:00AM-4:00PM
Artist Alley Hours: 10:00AM-4:00PM

How much is Hamacon 8 Registration?

Online Pre-reg Badge Pricing
Prereging online is easy, and always cheaper than at the door!

First Tier Price for a 3-day Badge is $35 until Feb 28th, 2017.
Second Tier Price for a 3-day Badge is $40 until June 22nd, 2017.

At the Con Badge Pricing

Don’t want to prereg? Just want to show up and make it happen? You can! Here’s how it breaks down:

Three Day Badge: $50
Two Day Badge: $40
Friday: $20
Saturday: $25
Sunday: $20

Parent/Chaperone Passes
Parent/Chaperone Passes are available at Registration desk only and are $5 each. Limit one Parent/chaperone pass per paid child admission. Parent passes are NOT available online. (Please refer to our Youth Escort Policy).