Artist Alley is an area in the convention where artists can sell their handmade items and original artwork to con-goers. The only limit is imagination! We have a packed room, full of creativity and stuff for sale!

Want to be a part of that packed room, for the world to see and buy? Read on!

Hamacon Minicon 8 Artist Alley Info

HAMACON is pleased to announce that Artist alley applications are now closed and All spaces are filled.

Interested? Please contact our conchair at with the following information to be considered for an Artist Alley space:

  • Owner’s Name
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Type of items to be offered during convention.
  • Please include a few pics of the various items you intend to offer for sale.

All spaces include one covered 8 ft table, 2 chairs. Each space is $120 and includes 2 badges per space. Sorry no artist alley spaces can be reserved without full payment. If an application is accepted, a contract will be sent to the applicant to be filled out and returned with payment in full.

Confirmed Artists

Curious as to who’s already on deck for the HAMACON 8? Wonder no more!


Quiet Nova Studios

Star In My Pocket


Mimosa Studios

Cute Loot

Anime Gravy

Stina B Art

Scairy Tales Nior

Scotik Productions

Karissa Haynes Illustration

Crows Lke Candy


Venetian Eve

Sushi Tea Time

Suki Nomura

Dragons & Alicorns

Boho & her Pony Swag

Daniel French’s Art & Leather


Codobudge Studios

Glimmer bat Studio

Legacy  Creations

Nightengale Needles

Lianna’s Art Collection

Yatta Creations

Steam Powered Arts


Sweet Fancy Cuteness

Rocket City Dreamin’

Candle & Cauldren

Esclair Studios

Monster Kitty Society

PokuPoku Studio


Jessica Nunno Art

Pumpkin Patch