Come join us Saturday night for an awesome night of music, lights, and some serious glow stick dancing! Our Lord of the Boom, DJ Inubito, is always gearing up to get the party hype for Club HAMA!  All ages are allowed & a Hamacon badge is a must to get into this amazing event! We cannot wait to see you all there!


So, as it turns out… You cannot have dance party without DJs. Thankfully, we know some amazing ones!


DJ Inubito started funking around with music back in 1998 when he started thumbing on a bass guitar. In 2003, he then transitioned into DJing trance and hardcore EDM as his interest in the party scene grew. When just mixing music wasn’t enough, he began producing in 2007, jumping headfirst into the nerdcore genre with the group Computer Science Hardcore. He also produced geek centric EDM with Dou(Gai)Jin Recordings alongside artists like Cynispin and Katsuhiko Jinnai. Currently he spins with several southeast based groups such as Dead Terrorist DJs, Sound Off DJs, and JABKI Bass All Stars. He also has been heavily involved in some of the largest dance parties in north Alabama (including Hamacon’s own “Club HAMA”) as well as providing local support for major Drum and Bass artists such as Q-bik and Gridlok.

Having spun across the Southeast, at conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Seishun-Con, and more. DJ Inubito knows how to rock the dance floor like none other, with trance, hardcore, drum and bass, breaks, and only the filthiest electro house under his vinyl. When you come to hear DJ Inubito spin, you cannot help but jump in and dance. His latest EP, “Retrofit” is available for free download through Industrial Parasite Records.

You can find out more on his Facebook page, or at!


With amazing lighting and sound, our EDM dance party rave thing is one of the biggest EDM events in the Rocket City! Here’s some shots from Club HAMA’s past, to see how crazy it can really be!

clubhama1clubhama2 clubhama3 clubhama4